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The Kavanaugh lynch mob returns; once again, plot to defame drives Democratic playbook

by Tammy Bruce

The Kavanaugh lynch mob returns; once again, plot to defame drives Democratic playbook.

Administration Promises Genuine Price Transparency

by Heather Madden

The Administration is considering larger, more systemic changes to alleviate the hardship brought on by surprise billing, as well as addressing problems related to not knowing how much we pay for medical services and what our insurance companies pay on our behalf.

Democrats Push Education Myths During Debate

by Inez Stepman

Candidate after candidate promised to pour more dollars to a system that is failing to actually deliver them to classrooms and teachers.

Sanford, Weld and Walsh: 'The Three Stooges' as Republican Primary Challengers

by Tammy Bruce

What a perfect nickname for a trio of men who fancy themselves as Republican primary challengers of President Trump.

More Unhinged Rhetoric from the Left: Dems Call for Violence Against GOP

by Tammy Bruce

The Democrats and other opponents of President Trump are so consumed with rage at being rejected they’re not even hiding their desire to provoke violence against their objects of hate. Yes, objects, plural.

Stacey Abrams Benefits From a 'Voter Suppression' Tale

by Lisa Boothe

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams lost her 2018 gubernatorial bid to Republican Brian Kemp by nearly 55,000 votes, but she still refuses to concede. Instead, she claims the election was stolen from her.

Buying Greenland: Trump Haters Mock the Idea, but China is Paying Attention

by Tammy Bruce

The moment The Wall Street Journal article appeared revealing President Trump was mulling over the idea of the United States buying Greenland, the autonomous Danish territory in the Atlantic, ankle-biters began to mock the idea.

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