Independent Action

Martina Navratilova's loyalty to Trump-hating overlords

by Tammy Bruce

Caving to bullies on the left to attack an ambassador

Impeachment: The Democrats' chosen recourse to overturn 2016 election

by Tammy Bruce

Ergo, impeachment was inevitable if we were correct in our support for Donald Trump in 2016.

Ellen DeGeneres’ Important Message

by Heather Madden

Ellen had the perfect response to her relentless critics...

The case of the so-called Ukraine whistleblower scandal

by Tammy Bruce

Democrats attempt to turn Trump's duties into crimes so they can remove him from office

Trump Tries to Win Disaffected Women Back

by Heather Higgins

Changes in tone and emphasis to appeal to voters who swung Democratic last year

Video: Introducing Independent Women's Law Center

by IWV Staff

Many women understand that political disagreements should be hashed out in Congress, not the courts. Many women support the nomination of judges who will stay in their constitutionally prescribed lane. Independent Women's Law Center will give these women a voice.

Climate change activism: The left's new power play

by Tammy Bruce

From the start, the issue of “climate change” is perfect for the fear-mongering left

The Kavanaugh lynch mob returns; once again, plot to defame drives Democratic playbook

by Tammy Bruce

The Kavanaugh lynch mob returns; once again, plot to defame drives Democratic playbook.

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