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'Gay reparation': Democrats reinforce the politics of resentment and victimhood

by Tammy Bruce

During Gay Pride Month, she apparently believes the gay community is greedy, selfish and could be relied upon to think only of themselves...

Trump Transparency EO: An Overdue And Much-Needed Step Towards Truly Consumer-Friendly And Consumer-Driven Health Care

by Press Team

Health care is not a right or left issue; it should be about patients and their doctors, not about protecting insurers, hospitals, drug companies, pharmacies, and special interest groups. Today’s executive order is an overdue and much-needed first step towards truly consumer-friendly and consumer-driven health care.

Caring Transcends Partisanship

by Melissa Ortiz

The Credit for Caring Act would ease the lives of the more than 43 million family caregivers of people who are aging or living with disabilities or chronic illnesses that interfere with their activities of daily living.

Border Crisis Puts Everyone's Health at Risk – Pandemics Can't Become 'the New Normal'

by Heather Higgins

The WHO may declare pandemics to be the new normal, but we say “not on our watch.”

Failed Hillary Clinton play on Broadway mirrors failures in 2016

by Tammy Bruce

But if being a celebrity is what makes a person important and valuable, then Mrs. Clinton might want to worry about O.J. Simpson’s rising Twitter star knocking her off her perch.

Colorado, Grassroots Activists and the Fight to Save the Electoral College

by Jennifer Braceras

Grassroots activists want Colorado voters to weigh in on the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

Progressive Privilege Abounds as Sarah Sanders Leaves Her Post

by Staff

Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced she'd be leaving her post as White House Press Secretary. The media response was awful.

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