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Bernie Sanders' Embrace of Castro and Socialism

by Tammy Bruce

He praises the con that cost over 100 million lives, and his loopy writings demand closer scrutiny

Democratic Whining and Identity Politics

by Tammy Bruce

Female presidential candidates complain about sexism, Bloomberg just shows disdain.

'Oscars 2020' Parades Hollywood's Contempt for Everyday Americans

by Tammy Bruce

The low-rated awards show couldn't resist spewing Trump hatred in smug, hypocritical attacks

SOTU: A Story of Triumph for Trump but Not for the Democrats

by Tammy Bruce

President's State of the Union address soars while Democrats face Iowa meltdown and Pelosi rips.

Letter: IWV Strongly Opposes the PRO Act

by Hadley Heath Manning

The PRO Act has over 20 provisions that would tip the scales in favor of unions at the expense of workers.

Limbaugh's Biggest Fight

by Julie Gunlock

Rush Limbaugh announced today he has advanced lung cancer

CNN Outdoes Itself With Arrogant and Smug Ridicule of Trump Supporters

by Tammy Bruce

The gift CNN has given the Republican National Committee is enormous. No longer will the GOP and Mr. Trump have to rely on telling you you’re despised by the establishment. Now, they can show you Mr. Lemon, Mr. Ali and Mr. Wilson confirm it themselves.

Women's March shrinks to a mere 10K Trump haters who can't acknowledge the president's successes

by Tammy Bruce

You might have missed news of the 2020 manifestation of the so-called Women’s March, the anti-Trump mob masquerading as a women’s rights effort...

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Democrats Falling Into Quicksand Relying on Identify Politics and Victimhood

Democrats Haven't Given Anyone a Reason to Vote for Them


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