IWVoice Media Archive - Letters

Letter: Responding To The Coronavirus Crisis And Building A Stronger Health Sector For The Future
June 19 2020

IWV Letter of Support: Helping Gig Economy Workers Act of 2020
June 16 2020

IWV Letter of Support: COVID-19 Dependent Care Flexible Spending Arrangement Rollover Act of 2020
June 1 2020

IWV Joins Coalition Letter Supporting Parental Consent for Use of Newborn DNA in Research
May 19 2020

IWV Joins Coalition Urging Congressional Leadership To Reject the Medicare Crisis Program Act
May 11 2020

Coalition Letter Opposing Denial of Intellectual Property Rights of COVID-Fighting Innovators
May 7 2020

Coalition Letter Of Support For RSC Budget Task Force
April 30 2020

Letter: IWV Joins Coalition Opposing Effort to Expand Durbin Amendment to Credit Cards
April 27 2020

Letter: IWV Joins Coalition Supporting Expanding 529 Accounts To Cover Learning-At-Home Costs Sparked by Coronavirus
April 23 2020

Independent Women's Voice Leads Coalition Letter Opposing Inclusion of Highly Controversial VAWA in COVID-19 Aid Package
April 22 2020

IWV Joins Coalition Calling On the Heads of Governments And WHO Member States To Cease Funding The WHO
April 21 2020

Letter: IWV Joins Coalition Calling on Congress to Hold Hearings on the Failures of WHO in Addressing the Rise of COVID-19
April 15 2020

Letter: IWV Supports the Small Business Child Care Investment Act
March 6 2020

Letter: IWV Joins Coalition Applauding the CFO Vision Act
February 24 2020

Letter: Coalition Opposes the Equal Rights Amendment
February 12 2020

Coalition Letter: The Freedom from Government Competition Act (FFGCA)
February 6 2020

Letter: IWV Strongly Opposes the PRO Act
February 5 2020

Coalition Letter: The Physician Pro Bono Care Act, H.R. 856
January 27 2020

Coalition Letter: USMCA & Pension Bailout Bills Don’t Mix Well
November 15 2019

Letter: IWV Supports the FAIR Leave Act
November 1 2019

Coalition Letter: Applauding the RSC's Leadership on Healthcare
October 23 2019

Coalition Letter: ATR Leads Coalition Opposed to Pelosi Drug Pricing Plan
October 15 2019

Coalition Letter: Oppose Any “Green New Deal” Legislation
October 8 2019

Letter: IWV Supports The Empowering Law Enforcement to Fight Sex Trafficking Demand Act
October 8 2019

Coalition Letter: Coalition Calls for the FDA to Release Its Data on Teen Vaping
October 3 2019

Release: IWV Urges 15 Governors to Act Against FGM in Their States
October 1 2019

LETTER: Defend American Workers from Union Coercion and Oppose the PRO Act
September 16 2019

LETTER: IWV Welcomes the Cassidy/Sinema Plan
August 21 2019

COALITION LETTER: Support the U.S. Commission on Unalienable Rights
August 7 2019

LETTER: IWV Supports The Collegiate Freedom of Association Act
July 1 2019

LETTER: IWV Supports Legislation Clarifying that Direct Sellers be Treated as Independent Contractors
June 28 2019

LETTER: IWV Supports the Federal Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act of 2019
June 27 2019

LETTER: IWV Supports The Preventing Child Marriage Act
June 21 2019

LETTER: Conservative Groups Oppose Any Effort To Roll Back Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
June 19 2019

Coalition Letter: Credit for Caring Act
June 18 2019

LETTER: Ernst-Gardner Over-the-Counter Birth Control Bill
June 14 2019

Letter: IWV Supports The Allowing Greater Access to Safe and Effective Contraception Act
May 16 2019

Coalition Letter: Women Across America Tell Speaker Nancy Pelosi the Equality Act Harms Women and Girls
May 14 2019

Letter: IWV Supports The Freedom for Families Act
May 14 2019

Coalition Letter: The Unauthorized Spending Accountability (USA) Act
May 6 2019

Coalition Letter: Intermediate Bodies Rule
May 2 2019

Coalition Letter: 50 Groups and Activists Oppose Foreign Reference Pricing Legislation
April 30 2019

Coalition Letter: Railroad Reciprocal Switching
April 30 2019

Coalition Letter: Conservatives Oppose Economic, Social & Gun Policy in the Violence Against Women Act
April 26 2019

Coalition Letter: Proposed Rule on Payday, Vehicle Title, and Certain High-Cost Installment Loans
April 23 2019

Letter: IWV Supports the Working Families Flexibility Act
April 19 2019

Coalition Letter: Federal Gas Tax
April 16 2019

Letter: IWV Supports The Expanding Access to Retirement Savings for Caregivers Act
April 11 2019

Coalition Letter: Jobs and Opportunity with Benefits and Services (JOBS) for Success Act
April 4 2019

Coalition Letter: In Opposition to A New Payroll Tax and Paid Leave Entitlement Program
April 1 2019

Coalition Letter: Support Dr. Mark Calabria’s nomination to be Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency
March 25 2019

Coalition Letter: Support Intellectual Property
March 13 2019

Coalition Letter: Gene Replacement Therapy
March 7 2019

Letter: IWV Supports the Protect Our Girls Act
February 27 2019

Coalition Letter: Coalition Urges President Trump to Index Capital Gains Taxes to Inflation
January 23 2019

Coalition Letter: Expand 529 education savings accounts
December 20 2018

Coalition Letter: An Open Letter to Congress on the Farm Bill
December 11 2018

Coalition Letter: 55 Conservative Groups & Activists Oppose HHS Advanced Notice of Proposed Rule Making: International Pricing Index Model for Medicare Part B Drugs
November 28 2018

Coalition Letter: Now is the time to pass the MERIT Act
October 17 2018

Coalition Letter: Stop the Charade
September 27 2018

Coalition Letter: Tax Reform 2.0 Legislation
September 25 2018

COALITION LETTER: Price Control Legislation in FAA Reauthorization
September 17 2018

Coalition Letter: FGM Provision in VAWA Reauthorization
August 23 2018

Conservative Groups Urge Opposition to Airline Price-Control Scheme
August 20 2018

Coalition Letter: EU Digital Tax Plan
August 14 2018

Coalition Urges Milcon Conferees Not to Bust Spending Caps
July 31 2018

Conservatives Urge House Action on Making Individual Tax Cuts Permanent
July 24 2018

IWV Led Letter in Support of Kathy Kraninger, Consumer Watchdog Director Nominee
July 16 2018

Coalition Letter: Support for Kathy Kraninger to be the Director of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection
July 16 2018

Coalition Letter: Reforms to the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program
June 5 2018

Coalition Letter: Elimination of Schedule B Form Filing Requirement
May 15 2018

Coalition Letter: H.R. 1136, the FDA Deeming Authority Clarification Act of 2017
May 15 2018

Coalition Letter: Support H.R. 3, the Spending Cuts to Expired and Unnecessary Programs Act
May 11 2018

Coalition Letter: Support an Open Farm Bill Process
May 9 2018

Coalition Letter: Farm Bill Must Address Out-of-Control Subsidy Programs
May 2 2018

Coalition Letter: Conservative Groups Oppose A Carbon Tax
April 26 2018

Coalition Letter: Group Comments on Short Term Insurance Proposed Rule
April 23 2018

Coalition Letter: Here’s the Path Forward for Health Reform in 2018
April 18 2018

IWV Joins Coalition Urging President Trump to Include Competitiveness Chapter in NAFTA Renegotiation
April 6 2018

Coalition Letter: Support Military Education Savings Accounts
April 3 2018

Coalition Letter: Include the Save Local Business Act (H.R. 3441) in the 2018 Spending Bill
March 14 2018

IWV Supports the Pregnancy Discrimination Amendment Act
March 8 2018

Coalition Letter: Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA) Oversight Board
March 6 2018

Coalition Letter: The Illinois Generic Drug Pricing Fairness Act (H.B. 4900)
March 6 2018

Coalition Letter: Proposed Tariffs on Aluminum and Steel
March 6 2018

Coalition Letter: Support the Sugar Policy Modernization Act of 2017
February 21 2018

Coalition Letter: No Gas Hike
February 12 2018

Coalition Letter: Resolution Providing Congressional Disapproval of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Small-Dollar Loan Rule
February 6 2018

Coalition Letter: End Taxation of “Phantom Income” Through Executive Order
January 29 2018

Coalition Letter: 23 Conservative Groups Support Efforts to Delay Obamacare Taxes
January 17 2018

Coalition Letter: Don't Bring Back Earmarks
January 10 2018

Americans Need Health Reform to Be a Priority Issue in 2018 • The Daily Signal
January 5 2018

Coalition Letter: Health Care Reform Must Be the Focus of the 2019 Budget Reconciliation Instructions
January 3 2018

Coalition Letter: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Conference Report
December 18 2017

Coalition Letter: Biosimilars Medicare Part D Stakeholders
December 13 2017

Letter: IWV Supports Rolling Back the College Degree Requirement for D.C. Childcare Workers
December 11 2017

Coalition Letter: Congress Must Work Swiftly to Make Tax Reform a Reality
December 11 2017

Coalition Letter: Reduce Corporate Income Tax Rate to 20 Percent
December 8 2017

Letter: IWV Supports the Congressional Accountability and Hush Fund Elimination Act
December 1 2017

Coalition Letter: Fix Overreaching Obamacare Menu Labeling Rule
December 1 2017

Coalition Letter: Protect Donor Privacy from Government Abuse, Eliminate Schedule B
November 30 2017

Coalition Letter: Conservatives Support the Senate's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
November 28 2017

Coalition Letter: Strengthen Fiscal Controls
November 15 2017

Coalition Letter: 20 Conservative Groups Support the Senate’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
November 13 2017

IWV Supports the Workplace Flexibility in the 21st Century Act
November 7 2017

Open Letter to the House of Representatives: Take Up Senate Budget to Expedite Tax Reform
October 20 2017

Letter: Over Thirty Leading Conservative And Tax Policy Organizations Voice Support For Congress’ Progress On Unified Tax Reform Framework
October 10 2017

Letter: Save Local Business Act (H.R. 3441)
October 4 2017

Letter: Indexing Capital Gains to Inflation
September 26 2017

Letter: 88 Conservative Groups Urge Passage of Pro-Growth Tax Reform in 2017 
September 15 2017

Coalition Letter: Reciprocal Switching
September 7 2017

Coalition Letter: Stop the HIT and Medical Device Tax
August 10 2017

Coalition Letter Urging President Trump to rescind Congress' Special ObamaCare Exemption
July 21 2017

Coalition Letter: Repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB)
July 19 2017

Open Letter to the House of Representatives: End Wasteful Mass Transit Account
July 14 2017

Letter: Coalition Urges Support for Increased Oversight Over CMMI
June 12 2017

Letter: IWV Supports Reforms to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation
June 7 2017

Letter: IWV Supports ABLE 2.0
May 31 2017

Letter: IWV Joins Coalition Urging FDA Commissioner to Ease the Heavy-Handed Regulatory Approach to E-Vaping
May 23 2017

Letter: Nationwide Conservative Groups: Oppose Medicare Part D Rebate Proposals
May 22 2017

Letter: IWV Supports Repealing the Antiquated Alcohol Separation Act
May 18 2017

Letter: Coalition Opposes Senator Warren's crony Hearing Aid Bill
May 17 2017

Letter: IWV Supports the Working Families Flexibility Act
May 1 2017

LETTER: HB631 Coalition
April 27 2017

LETTER: USA Act Coalition
April 26 2017

LETTER: Coalition to Congress: Support the Financial CHOICE Act
April 26 2017

Letter: IWV Supports the Credit for Caring Act
April 18 2017

Letter: IWV Supports the Strong Families Act
April 13 2017

Open Letter to Congress: Coalition Supports American Health Care Act
March 15 2017

Coalition Letter Urging Pro-Growth Tax Reform in 2017
February 6 2017

Letter: IWV Supports the nomination of Andrew Puzder as the next U.S. Secretary of Labor
January 27 2017

Letter: IWV Supports the nomination of Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency
January 18 2017

Letter: IWV Supports the nomination of Rep. Tom Price as the next U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services
January 17 2017

Letter: IWV Supports the nomination of Betsy DeVos as the next U.S. Secretary of Education
January 6 2017

IWF Joins Coalition of Over 50 Groups to Pressure Congress to Stop Obamacare Bailouts
October 12 2016

Catfish Inspection Program Coalition Letter
June 24 2016

No Philly Grocery Tax Coalition Letter
June 7 2016

IWV Supports H.R. 4979, The Advanced Nuclear Technology Development Act of 2016
May 13 2016

Coalition For Tax Competition Letter Urges Congress to Defund the OECD, Oppose BEPS
May 12 2016

60 Conservative Organizations to Congress; Reform the EPA's Ozone Standard to Save American Jobs
May 9 2016

IWV Supports H.R. 4725, Common Sense Savings Act of 2016
March 16 2016

Coalition Letter to Congress: Reject a Carbon Tax
February 24 2016

IWV supports Ratepayer Protection Act of 2015
April 29 2015

IWV Joins Coalition Urging Congress to Draft and Pass a Comprehensive Tax Reform Bill Now
February 10 2015

IWV Joins Coalition Urging States to Actively Resist EPA's Coercive Power Plan
December 5 2014

IWV Signs Coalition Letter Urging Congress To Act On Comprehensive Tax Reform Without Shortcuts or Gimmicks
July 8 2014

Conservative Organizations Urge Senators to Unite Behind Senator Ron Johnson's ObamaCare Lawsuit
April 10 2014

60 Conservative and Free-Market Groups Support HR386 to Stop IRS Suppression of Political Speech
February 26 2014

55+ Conservative and Free Market Groups Urge Congress to Stop IRS 501(c)(4) Rule in Omnibus
January 9 2014

IWV Signs Joint Letter in Support of the "Keep Your Health Care Act"
November 14 2013

45 Groups Back Senator David Vitter's 'No Washington Exemption' Amendment
September 25 2013

IWV Joins Joint Letter in Support of Sen. Vitter's 'No Washington Exemption Act'
September 24 2013

IWV Letter to Labor Leaders on Urgency to Delay ObamaCare, Oppose Congressional Exemption
September 17 2013

IWV and Other Free Market Groups Support Blackburn-Flake Obamacare Delay Legislation
September 14 2013

IWV Joins Repeal Coalition Joint Letter Urging 1-year ObamaCare Delay
August 7 2013

IWV Joins Letter Encouraging House to Pass Price Bill, Get IRS Out of ObamaCare
August 2 2013

IWV Joins Coalition Letter Urging Full Defunding of ObamaCare
July 30 2013

IWV Signs On to Letter Supporting ObamaCare Mandate Delay
July 16 2013

Letter to U.S. House Leaders Supporting H.R. 1549, the Helping Sick Americans Now Act
April 23 2013

Conservative Groups' Letter to Lame Duck Congress: Keep Your Promises
November 14 2012

IWV Letter to Speaker Boehner Supporting the Repeal of ObamaCare Act
July 11 2012

Pass the Jobs Through Growth Act
December 14 2011

Strike All Appropriations Funding for ObamaCare Implementation
September 21 2011

Cut, Cap & Balance Must Be Part of Any Debt Ceiling Increase
June 21 2011

IWF to MSNBC: Fire Ed Schultz!
May 27 2011

It’s Time to Put an End to Energy Subsidies!
May 24 2011

Pass the "Save Our States" Act as Part of Any Debt Ceiling Agreement
May 17 2011

IWV to Congress: Vote YES on the Welfare Reform Act of 2011
April 14 2011

IWV to Congress: Vote YES on the Federal Agency Transparency Act
April 14 2011

Letter to TX State Rep. Ken Paxton
March 22 2011

IWV to US Senators: Vote YES on the Save Our States Act and Halt ObamaCare Implementation
March 17 2011

IWV Letter in Support of RSC Amendment to the FY 2011 CR
February 17 2011

Sign the Letter Supporting ObamaCare Repeal!
January 7 2011

IWV Letter to Senators: Don't Fund ObamaCare!
December 15 2010

Help Stop Government Overspending!
September 24 2010

An Open Letter to the United States House of Representatives: Support the Health Care Transparency Resolution!
January 21 2010