IWV now has won multiple awards and citations for its work, and has demonstrated a seven-year track record of punching above its weight, with a remarkable 81% win rate on political districts rated "tossup" or worse, and a 92% success rate on effective message campaigns.

In a world where a +2pt move is considered a big deal, IWV ideas and tactics regularly get moves of +6 points to +14 points and more. Indeed in WI in '16, we moved Trump +28pts, and Sen. Johnson +31 pts. Those exposed to quiz information preferred Ron Johnson over Russ Feingold by 52 points compared to a 21 point margin within the control group. IWV looks for high ROI opportunities where we can have a decisive impact on policy and political outcomes.



Georgia's 6th Congressional District — IW's messaging improved policy knowledge and bene ted a conservative "repeal and replace" policy position. IW's multi-media immersive messaging cut through, despite an extraordinarily heated and cluttered environment, and changed the minds of a signi cant number of key target voters such as female and millennial independents and moderate / liberal leaning GOP Females. Using persuasive and engaging educational messages focused on policy facts, with no mention of the candidates by name, and holding out a real-time control group for accurate evaluation, we saw statistically signi cant increased ballot support for Congresswoman Handel and increased unfavorability for Jon Osso among several key target groups we had treated versus those we had not.


In Wisconsin, all registered independents and Republican-leaning women—save a randomly selected 40,000 from this population, which served as a control group—received multiple choice and "true or false" quizzes, consisting of questions on the Affordable Care Act and the Supreme Court. These were delivered via postcards, phone calls, or digital outreach during the final weeks of the 2016 election.

There were 3,619,996 registered voters in Wisconsin. IWV had a target universe of 880,980 households, or approximately 1.54 million registered voters. Calculations indicate that Trump received 1.28 million votes from this target population. If the quiz messaging had not occurred, Prof. Daron Shaw of U.T. Austin calculates Trump would have received an estimated 215,840 fewer votes in Wisconsin and similar numbers apply to Sen. Ron Johnson. Without IWV's educational messaging, both Trump and Johnson would otherwise have lost WI by over 100,000 votes each.


Kentucky Governor's Race — In the Kentucky gubernatorial campaign, IWV made a targeted push to 1,000,000 undecided voters in the last weeks of the race after the RGA had pulled out and before they came back in. Despite polls showing that Matt Bevin was trailing by 5 pts, the Republican won the governorship by an 85K vote margin.


Senate Races — IWV both created better messages to be used by Senate campaigns, then also worked it's own magic in 8 down to the wire Senate races. Data from 3 states showed the better messages lifted candidates approximately +10 points, and IW's additional targeted immersion approach added another +5 to +11 points.


SC - 01 House Special Election — Every outside group, including the NRCC, gave up Mark Sanford for dead. IWV saw an opportunity and used our innovative methods to win.


VA Governor — With only a month to go, Ken Cuccinelli switched his focus to Obamacare. IWV's independent expenditure, also focused on Obamacare, helped close the gap to just over 2 points.


GOP Senate Primaries — Victorious primary challengers Richard Mourdock and Deb Fischer signed our Repeal Pledge, while their opponents refused. After-action surveys in NE indicated IWV's independent expenditure was the single biggest reason for Fischer's upset win.


WI Governor Recall — Our education program moved independents +31 points in tests. We deployed the results and contributed to a Scott Walker win.


Presidential — IWV moved independents in six states who recalled the messaging +23 points and independents +10 points overall, over the control group, for Romney.


WI Supreme Court — IWV created a campaign- rescuing TV ad concept and made 700,000 calls in a race that was won by only 7,000 votes.

NY-09 — In a district with a 35 point Democratic registration advantage, the NRCC stayed on the sidelines. We saw an opportunity to target independents and Democrats to help secure an upset.

OH Health Care Freedom Amendment — While Gov. Kasich's union referendum lost 2 to l, our messaging e ort took this ballot initiative from likely loss to a 2 to 1 win with the same electorate.


HI-01 Special Election — IWV's e ort was the only independent expenditure in this race and it moved independent women +18 points resulting in a win for Charles Djou.

MA Senate Special Election — IWV changed the framework of the race by making it a fight for the 41st vote against the Affordable Care Act. Our efforts helped move women +21 points for a Brown win.

"Had IWV's educational messaging not occurred, Trump would have received an estimated 215,840 fewer votes in Wisconsin, the state completely written off by all the political professionals."
— Heather R. Higgins

"IWV's 'Boyfriend' series was deployed among millenial females, and moved disapproval of President Obama by +9 points (from 44% to 53%), and their approval down -6 points (from 49% to 42%)."
— Victoria Coley