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Act Now: Price Transparency Stories

Share Your Story: Have you been hit with a surprise medical bill or learned too late that you were paying too much for a procedure?

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Are you an NCAA female athlete? Contact the NCAA Board of Governors and urge them to protect women's collegiate sports.

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“My distrust of the medical establishment grows with each visit I make.” Mary Richardson
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“I was already scraping by, but this has made things so tight that I’m having to skip meals... ” Anna Anthony
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“I have a lot of shame around my body because it's not as beautiful as it was. I do view it as disfigured...” Laura Becker
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“I was completely shocked at the number of drugs I was given and the amounts... ” Gary Kujat
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“That's a 1032% increase for our portion [...] I mean we would've done better without insurance at this point!” Kathy & Thomas Schroeder
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“It made no sense that it would be nearly $4,000 for four doses of [Tylenol]...” Amanda Partee-Manders
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“I feel I was overcharged [...] I know it is expensive, but it is definitely more than it should have been. ” Audra Sarni
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