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Stop the Indoctrination of Students

Speak out Against Critical Race Theory

Instead of working to close the achievement gaps created by the extended shutdowns this past year, many public school districts are introducing radical and controversial concepts to impressionable young students. We must stop the indoctrination of students before it’s too late. Sign the petition.

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Act Now: Stop the PRO Act

The PRO Act is an assault on freedom and choice in the workplace. It will kill flexible work, destroy independent contracting jobs, and hamper economic recovery. Urge your senators to vote AGAINST the PRO Act.

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Act Now: Safe Borders Petition

The administration should apply all travel health requirements and COVID screening procedures to everyone equally and fairly, including at the border.

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Together, we are making a difference. Join us in creating a healthier, more secure country. With your support and participation, IWV fights everyday for:

  • A transparent and accessible healthcare system
  • Cutting unnecessary regulations that hold people back
  • Economic policies that provide opportunity, security, and prosperity
  • Passage of a Violence Against Women’s Act that protects all women
“The strength of any charter school is that it has the ability to innovate.” Joe Smith
“I am a huge advocate for school of choice.” Lauren Holman
“My heart breaks for the students...at home just staring at a computer.” Daniel Buck
“A mom and a dad know their child better than anyone else.” Will Estrada
“They want you chained to the union. They want to make everyone a class of workers tied to the system.” Jennifer O.
“AB5 will not only disrupt my life, it will destroy my life.” Sophia A.
“I recently had a heart procedure done. I requested an itemized bill. The total bill was over $158,000… There was an item of $485 for a single jar of cream to put on the wound. I had no idea how much this procedure would be. Talk about sticker shock!” Katheryn H.
“For me, this isn’t about party lines. I’ve gone with other colleagues to speak with politicians and sometimes I get the feeling that it’s paying lip service. I’ve heard over and over again, ‘talk to the author of the bill’.” Katerina Borghi