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You Want Healthcare Price Transparency

Does healthcare price transparency matter to you? It does to nearly 90 percent of Americans. That’s not surprising—estimates show we could save nearly half of what we spend on health care if we could see prices in advance. Sign the Patient Protection Pledge today to send a message to elected officials and candidates that everyone has a right to see prices upfront.

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Act Now: Support Safety and Security of Communities

Join millions who support safety and security, and who want to restore order, civility, and peace to our communities.

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Act Now: Protect Parents’ Right to Know

Parents should be able to access the materials and curriculum used to teach their children. It’s a simple enough concept and a basic right.

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Together, we are making a difference. Join us in creating a healthier, more secure country. With your support and participation, IWV fights everyday for:

  • A transparent and accessible healthcare system
  • Cutting unnecessary regulations that hold people back
  • Economic policies that provide opportunity, security, and prosperity
  • Passage of a Violence Against Women’s Act that protects all women
“They want you chained to the union. They want to make everyone a class of workers tied to the system.” Jennifer O.
“I recently had a heart procedure done. I requested an itemized bill. The total bill was over $158,000… There was an item of $485 for a single jar of cream to put on the wound. I had no idea how much this procedure would be. Talk about sticker shock!” Katheryn H.
“For me, this isn’t about party lines. I’ve gone with other colleagues to speak with politicians and sometimes I get the feeling that it’s paying lip service. I’ve heard over and over again, ‘talk to the author of the bill’.” Katerina Borghi
“AB5 will not only disrupt my life, it will destroy my life.” Sophia A.