“Palin Hatred Reaches New Low” is the American Thinker headline for this cartoon. It’s low but not the lowest they can go: I’ve spent some time trying to find a link for an anti-Palin video that aired last night on O’Reilly. Can’t find it, but here is a link to the show.

The “lost video” features children making outrageous and false claims about Palin’s stand and history of various issues. What strikes me (beyond the viciousness): these are young girls.  It’s become increasingly popular in American politics to use children in advertising. This is (well) juvenile.

But it points to something else that is worrying about the current political season: the high level of emotionalism. It is something that might have surprised—say—the authors of The Federalist Papers. Underlying this phenomenon is the notion that one candidate will somehow provide redemption to society, not to mention to individuals. Government thus becomes more important in private lives than ever before in history.