If you saw revolutionary Bill Ayres push his way into his house, shoving by a Fox News producer (Ayres then called the cops to protect him on “his property”-really, Bill), you know he’s not giving interviews just now.

But wait-he used to speak out quite a lot!

According to Powerline:

“Bill Ayers came to Venezuela a couple of years ago, addressed [Hugo] Chavez and his colleagues as ‘comrades,’ and said that he wanted American education to follow the Venezuelan model, where children are indoctrinated into socialism. Does Obama agree? It’s hard to say, given that he never answers any questions, but we do know that at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Obama funded Ayers’ radically anti-American and racially separatist ‘education’ projects.”

This is one thing that really worries me-the notion that American public education, in dire trouble for so long now, is going to make even less effort to teach kids but more to indoctrinate them under an Obama presidency. This is a legitimate issue, but the right has raised it in a way that doesn’t resonate: Hearing them try to tie Obama to Ayres through various boards and alliances, I am reminded of Marsha Clarke’s prosecution of O. J. Simpson; it was so flimsy and tangential that I began to wonder if he was guilty. (As it turned out, Simpson would be, like Ayres, guilty as sin and free as a bird-for awhile.)

The one person who has really dug up pertinent material on Obama is Stanley Kurtz. He has a final pre-election piece. Kurtz notes four facets of Obama: “Obama’s radicalism, his stealthy incrementalism, his interest in funding and organization-building, and his willingness to use – or quietly support – Alinskyite intimidation tactics.

“In pursuit of his goals, Obama has shown himself willing to quietly support, and sometimes to openly use, radical Alinskyite tactics. At the Woods Fund, Obama’s allies bragged about the way their ‘post-ideological’ cover had allowed them to fund ACORN’s confrontational tactics, while escaping public criticism.”

We are likely in for very interesting times.