It’s not just HillBuzz. Here’s the Hillary Clinton Forum reminding Republicans and centrist Dems that the election won’t be over until the last ballot is cast (and that means your ballot-so get out there and vote, no matter how blue your state is said to be!).

The Hillary Clinton Forum is another site put together by PUMAs (that means “Party Unity, My A-”), the supporters of Hillary Clinton who are now foursquare behind the McCain-Palin ticket. Forum member Writerchik dug up this post on the way-left Daily Kos for Sunday, Oct. 31, 2004, the equivalent of yesterday four years ago:

“It’s still possible that Bush could pull it off, and it’s even more possible that Bush could again win the Presidency through litigation.  But the odds are getting more lopsided in favor of at least a solid Kerry win, with improving odds of a Kerry landslide.

“I’ve been open to the possibility of a Kerry landslide since April.  Nothing since then has dissuaded me of that possibility.  The race, as far as we can tell, has the appearance of being close, but with indications of great early voting numbers coming out of places like Iowa and inspiring stories about people determined to have their votes counted in Florida, the early, admittedly highly anecdotal evidence points to good things.  Add the news from Ohio, the tightening polls in places like Arkansas and Nevada, the fact that Kerry is polling better than Gore did on the verge of the election, and that the Dems stand to gain much more from the intensified GOTV efforts, relatively, than should the Republicans, and there is much to suggest that Kerry should do extremely well on Tuesday.

“So, I decided to do something I almost never do: make a prediction.  Kerry will win big–big as in over 5% (which is big in terms of the last several Presidential races), and big as in 311 or more electoral votes.”

Writerchik also found these two prophecies of a Kerry landslide in the Electoral College:

“Tucker Carlson (CNN) – Kerry 278, Bush 260
prediction made October 31 , added October 31

Electoral Vote (based on compositing polls) – Kerry 298, Bush 231
prediction made October 31, added October 31.”

And Ace of Spades (which links the Hillary Clinton Forum) adds this 2004 tidbit from the Zogby pollsters on Oct. 31:

“Zogby’s call? Kerry, 311; Bush, 213.”

Ace says:

“Have I mentioned how much I love the PUMAs?”

Me, too.