Although no formal announcement is expected until after Thanksgiving, Hillary Clinton has reportedly accepted an offer to serve as Secretary of State in the Obama administration. One political analyst did not expect the former First Lady to join Obama’s cabinet.

Carrie Lukas of the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) says she was surprised that president-elect Obama decided to pursue Clinton for the top diplomatic post and was again surprised that Clinton would accept the job. “She really had an opportunity to be a leader in the Senate and really forge some major pieces of legislation, and it’s just going to be really interesting to watch how this dynamic plays out in the next four years,” she contends.

The selection of Hillary Clinton to head the State Department, according to Lukas, is a “throwback” with some “drawbacks.” “This idea that Obama represents incredible new change seems a little bit funny when he is bringing back so many familiar faces, particularly somebody like Hillary Clinton, who comes with her not just Senator Clinton herself but the former President Bill Clinton and all of the drama and baggage of the Clinton years,” she adds.

Lukas says some Obama advisers likely fear the Clinton appointment will be a large distraction early in the new administration.