Sarah Palin’s father told her next-to-last rally last night that he’d taught her to field dress a moose. Chuck Heath was hoping his daughter would field dress a donkey today. It’s not going to happen in all likelihood. But for many of us Sarah Palin has been the brightest spot in this year’s election. She gives us hope for the future.

She’s great because she’s her own woman, doesn’t kowtow to those angry and aging feminists who claim to speak for women, and because she’s a leader-and funny. (I loved it when she said San Fransisco is Senator Obama’s “truth serum.”) She drove all the right people crazy, and she never lost her cool. She put up with a lot of indignity, including the very public “Troopergate” non-scandal (she was cleared on the eve of the election, but Michelle Malkin says don’t expect to see this trumpeted from front pages of the nation’s papers today).

She has so much talent that I can’t imagine anything but a bright future for Sarah. I’ll bet she has a rendez-vous with destiny.