ABC, the network that turned over a portion of prime time to President Obama for his June 24 town hall (the one in which he suggested that elderly people with heart trouble should take a pain pill instead of get a pacemaker), has done it again. ABC refuses to air an anti-Obamacare ad paid for by the League of American Voters.

The ad, produced by former Clinton staffer Dick Morris, for Fox, has been airing on local stations (you can watch it here), is pretty straightforward. It’s narrated by a real doctor,  Mark J. Cuffe, a board-certified neurosurgeon, in contrast to a fake doctor like the one who showed up at Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s town hall and passed herself off as a pediatrician (she had also been an Obama delegate at last year’s convention). All the ad’s assertions are referenced to specific sources, mostly the Wall Street Journal.

So what’s the problem? Could it be that the mainstream media are in the tank for Obama?