Let’s see–it’s only Wednesday, and President Obama has altready been on television six times this week to promote his healthcare plan. So let’s see whether those five different talk shows on Sunday plus an appearance on David Letterman on Monday night made any difference in inspiring the public to embrace Obamacare.

The answer, judging from the results of an NBC poll released Tuesday, seems to be: No.

National Review editor Rich Lowry quotes from a Republican memo summarizing the poll results.

—More Americans think “Barack Obama’s health care plan” is a “bad idea” (41) than think it’s a “good idea” (39); last month, 42 thought it was a bad idea and 36 said it was a good idea

—More people continue to disapprove of the President’s handling of health care (46) than approve (45); last month, 47 disapproved and 41 approved

—For the first time, less than 20 percent believe the President’s health care plan will improve the quality of their care (19 percent think it will improve while 36 percent believe it will get worse); last month, 24 percent thought their care would improve

—When given a choice of either the President’s plan or maintaining the status quo, only 45 percent chose change; 39 percent preferred doing nothing to enacting the President’s proposal

—A plurality (48) continue to oppose “a public health care plan administered by the federal government that would compete directly with private health insurance companies” with 46 percent in support

—When asked about specific provisions that must/should be in the bill, more people wanted caps on junk lawsuits than a government plan, an individual mandate or an employer mandate; only the pre-existing conditions issue polled higher

—More people want the federal government to address jobs and the economy than health care: When asked “which of these issues do you think should be the next highest priority for the federal government to address,” only 21 percent said “health care” while 30 percent chose jobs/economic growth and 18 percent said deficit/government spending

Hmm, maybe Obama’s overdoing the media exposure thing. The Kansas City Star’s Dave Helling wrote yesterday:

Want some more Barack Obama?

Tune in to your favorite cable news channel later today — you can see him speak to the General Assembly at the United Nations.

That’s if you didn’t get enough from the president’s David Letterman appearance Monday. Or his interviews on five different talk shows Sunday. Or his speech two weeks ago to Congress. Or his address to students. Or his appearance on “60 Minutes.” Or his new YouTube health care video. Or his chat with the Pittsburgh newspaper.

“He’s been on everything but the Food Channel,” Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina groused Sunday.

David Zurawik, TV critic for the Baltimore Sun, offers this sound advice: “No more TV for a while, Mr. President. Let’s focus on this governing thing and stay off the tube. You’re in danger of starting to feel like a rerun.”