Hey, at least the new 1,990 House bill, HR 3962, released by Speaker Nancy Pelosi at her pep rally today, is shorter than the old House bill, HR 3200, which was 2,454 pages.

So points out National Review Online’s Hanns Kuttner, who notes:

Speaker Pelosi wants to take HR 3962 to the House floor next week. A member of the House who wants to read the legislation before the debate begins would have to read 498 pages each day (allowing for a Sabbath rest). Those who aim only to read it before voting will need to read 221 pages a day if the Speaker keeps to her target of a vote before Veterans’ Day.

NRO’s Mark Hemingway adds this:

Fun Fact: Page 1255 of the bill makes veterinary students eligible for federal grant funding, including scholarships and loan forgiveness. There is $283 million in spending authorized under these sections – meaning we could be spending hundreds of millions to pay for veterinarians while we have a deficit of over $1 trillion.

Oh, but we’re finally doing something about those millions of uninsured cats.

Read the whole bill (if you can!) here.