“There are personal stories that grab your heart, brilliant summaries of what reform would really mean, and plenty of biting satire that calls out the insurance lobbyists,” writes Natalie Foster, News Media Director of Organizing for America, the group that began during Barack Obama’s candidacy, is her latest email. Ms. Foster is referring to OFA’s Video Challenge, a contest to put together neat videos about health-care reform.

I thought I’d share a few with you:

This one is from the personal stories that grab your heart category: It features a woman who claims recently to have had a job that paid well in “a career I loved.” But she has been laid off, has Parkinson’s and no health insurance. A small question: Didn’t you save anything when you were working? Surely, you can afford COBRA. I hope this isn’t another one of those improvident people who wants the taxpayer to bail them out. Still, I loved the soulful shots of Fluffy the cat. But, Fluffy, you can’t guilt trip me.


Hard to categorize this one, but let’s call it a personal story that somehow doesn’t grab your heart. But it may be biting satire. Hard to tell: A woman goes to a lunch counter and pays for lunch—but the waiter won’t feed her. She was hungry when she came in, and that is a pre-existing condition. Got it?

Biting satire that calls out the insurance lobbyists: We don’t have freedom of speech because Congress will only listen to rich lobbyists. Shots from 1950s movies include homemaker with band aid over mouth and rich people plotting to do bad things.

Which side are you on category?: This ad says we need health care because our country is going broke. Hey, isn’t that going broke bit our line?

Shut up and pass this legislation category: Yes, I know, Ms. Foster didn’t include this one in her nice email. But it’s the President’s favorite category, and I thought it deserved a nod. This features video a Halloween bogey man and the message that health care opponents are lying and misleading. Seasonal.

My friends, we’re up against masterminds.