That’s a comment by “Mom” on Ann Althouse’s blog post about the 150 doctors whom President Obama rounded up for his Potemkin photo-op on his healthcare plan and then had to supply with white lab coats when many of them showed up at the White House without them.

Charlotte Hays has already blogged on the “early Halloween” aspect of this Obamacare publicity stunt. But I can’t resist adding more delicious comments on Ann’s post.

From “Shanna”:

I’m surprised they didn’t tell them to wear scrubs and a stethoscope.

And from “Dust Bunny Queen”:

How about Plumbers of America waving a sea of plungers?

Here’s Ann’s post:

A sea of health-care-reform-supporting doctors was assembled to be photographed listening to Obama tell them what a sea of health-care-reform-supporting doctors they are, and they were supposed to all be wearing white lab coats — so they’d look like a sea of health-care-reform-supporting doctors.

But some of them — despite getting the memo to wear their lab coats — came dressed, well, appropriately. They wore business suits/dresses for their audience with a President.  Oh, no!

White House staff had to scramble to get a bunch of lab coats, and the photo-op of the staffers passing out lab coats to the doctors was much more amusing than the a sea of health-care-reform-supporting doctors the White House wanted.

Come on, people! Obama’s in trouble. You need to help.

I love it!