Don’t go to the emergency room. Go to jail: Speaker Nancy Pelosi basically says in this amusing video clip that it is fair to put people who don’t buy health insurance in jail.

I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer paying slightly higher premiums (to accommodate those who fail to buy insurance before a medical emergency) than see our liberty eroded in this way.

Infidels Are Cool sums up the video this way:

“How to destroy freedom” by liberal democrats, case study 335…

Stone: Do you think it’s fair to send people to jail who don’t buy health insurance?

Pelosi: … The legislation is very fair in this respect.

Hot Air also offers a non-jail solution to the problem:

Of course, the other option is to make people responsible for paying their own bills. Nothing requires us to pick up the tab for people in clinics or emergency rooms, especially those who can afford to pay their way. This is the point that Pelosi and her statist colleagues seem to forget. People who choose not to buy coverage even though they could afford it assume the risk of paying out of pocket — and that may be a very rational choice, as it is most unlikely that those people would use $3,000 a month in medical services, which is what their insurance would cost now.