There’s 100 bottles of beer on the wall, but 111 new federal bureacracies to be created by Nancy Pelosi’s 1,900-page healthcare monstrosity. So:

If one of those bureaucracies should happen to fall–
There’d be 110 bureaucracies left in all.

The Weekly Standard’s Michael Goldfarb lists ‘em all, using a release from Indiana GOP Rep. Mike Pence’s office. Says Goldfarb:

My personal favorite — #108, the “Program for treatment of child sexual abuse victims and perpetrators.”

Perpetrators? Why do they get special medical treatment that the rest of us don’t get?

As you can imagine where Democrats are concerned, many of the new agencies in the bill are all about pork: programs here, grants there, plus an entire “Public Health Workforce Corps” (#46) that seems to be like the Peace Corps, except with scrubs. Many of the other new agencies simply aim to insert Washington  into every issue from kids’ flu shots to domestic violence. Still other programs sound just plain creepy, such as #20, the “Accountable Care Organization pilot program under Medicare,” that sounds as though it will be more “accountable” to “care” for Granny by saying no to that expensive hip replacement.  :

But my all-out favorite on the list is #107: the “Indian youth telemental health demonstration project.”

We all know about “mental health”–but what’s “telemental health”? Too much “Grey’s Anatomy” will drive you crazy? And why limit funds for telemental health to Indian youth? I pay taxes, and I want to be telementally healthy, too!