Here’s a nice sideline to Tuesday’s GOP routs in the Virginia and New Jersey governor’s races:

From Time’s Karen Tumulty:

“We’re not going to be bound by timelines,” [Senate Majority Leader Harry] Reid told reporters as he emerged from a weekly lunch with Democratic Senators. He vowed to pass a bill “as expeditiously as we can,” which is another way of saying it will probably be slow going over the weeks to come.

From ABC News:

“Getting this done by the by the end of the year is a no-go,” a senior Democratic leadership aide told ABC News. Two other key Congressional Democrats also told ABC News the same thing.

And just think–only on Monday the New York Times was gushing about the “inevitability” of Obamacare and the brilliance of the president’s strategy–”with the House and the Senate poised to take up legislation to insure nearly all Americans.”

Doesn’t look so inevitable two days later, does it?