David Brooks falls for the notion that Obamacare will improve the values of our country. But at least he realizes that the costs would be enormous:

Reform would make us a more decent society, but also a less vibrant one. It would ease the anxiety of millions at the cost of future growth. It would heal a wound in the social fabric while piling another expensive and untouchable promise on top of the many such promises we’ve already made. America would be a less youthful, ragged and unforgiving nation, and a more middle-aged, civilized and sedate one.

Well, I don’t agree with Brooks. Making more people dependent on the government isn’t going to make us a more decent society. Quite the contrary. There are ways to bring down the cost of health care (lawsuit reform is one, but the Democrats don’t have the decency to touch that one) and make sure nobody goes without medical attention.

Obamacare is not the decent way.