1. Joe Lieberman:

Independent Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut declared the early Medicare buy-in a bad deal for taxpayers and the deficit. He said he would vote against the bill in its current form.

Appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation,’’ Lieberman pleaded with Democrats to start subtracting expensive proposals from the overhaul, saying, “We don’t need to keep adding onto the back of this horse, or we’re going to break the horse’s back and get nothing done.’’

2. Ben Nelson:

“I’m concerned that it’s the forerunner of single payer, the ultimate single-payer plan, maybe even more directly than the public option,” Nelson said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

3. Claire McCaskill:

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri said on “Fox News Sunday’’ that she would “absolutely’’ vote against the package if it seemed destined to increase people’s out-of-pocket costs and the national debt.

 Senators coming to their senses.