Gee, the big pharmaceutical companies, which struck a deal to support Democratic health-care reform, might have been had. The apparent deal is coming unstuck. Sen. Byron L. Dorgan, North Dakota Democrat, is pushing an amendment that would allow folks to buy drugs from Canada. Hmmm.

Senator John McCain is outraged:

“The White House as well as [Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America] have been over here lobbying furiously, and I know for a fact Democrats aren’t sure they have the votes to defeat it,” said Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican and a co-sponsor of Mr. Dorgan’s amendment. “We all know what this is about. We all know it’s the deal PhRMA cut.”

 A spokesman for the pharmaceutical industry denied that a deal had been struck, and Democrats are couching the debate in terms of safety (are Canadian drugs safe?) and cost. Natch.