Quote of the Day: “In his private meetings with Democrats, President Obama’s health-care argument has come down to an appeal to make “history.” He’d be more candid if he said that if they vote for the current bills many of them soon will be history.” – Wall Street Journal Op-Ed headlined “Kentucky Votes No”

The piece takes that message away from this week’s special state senate election in Kentucky that turned into a debate about the goings on in Washington, most especially health care. In a district that leans Democrat by 2 to 1, Republican Jimmy Higdon won over Democrat Jodie Haydon by a whopping 12 points. Democrats also outspent Republicans in this special election.

And the message? The article concludes:

Yes, next November is a year away, the economy will probably improve and, you never know, Tom DeLay could always return as the ghost of Republicans past. But the message from Kentucky is that the Pelosi-Harry Reid agenda is becoming politically toxic, and Democrats who vote for it will want to have career contingency plans.