As you may have guessed long ago, we are very worried about the fate of our country if the health-care bill before the Senate passes. The Democrats have sacrificed a lot to get the bill where it is. What have they sacrificed? A new Ipsos poll shows that the carnage has been great. Resurgent Republic, a blog, breaks down some of the numbers: In “dealing with the economy,” the Democrats are -6, while the Republicans are +14; on “reforming the health-care system,” the Democrats are -22, and the Republicans are +13; and Democrats are -20 to the Republican +13 when it comes to “generating economic growth.” The margin for error is 2.9 %. Obviously, there are quite a few factors—the stimulus package comes to mind—that have given rise to these numbers. But the health care debate, both in the content of the legislation and the unseemly way the debate is being managed, are front and center in the public’s mind.

 You’d think that numbers like these would give the Democrats pause. My guess is that they’re in too deep to get out. They feel they must pass something, even if it is watered down. The bad news is that even a minimalist version of the Baucus bill can cripple our economy and health-care system.