So conclude researchers at Misericordia University in Dallas who conducted a survey of 1,000 Americans between Nov. 6 and Nov. 16. The survey found that, yes, most Americans are freaked out about healthcare–but mostly because the debate in Congress has gone on so long that they don’t know how the changes that congressional Dems want will affect them personally.

Here are some of the survey’s conclusions:

The researchers found that because of their concerns about health care, Americans plan to spend less on holiday gifts and are experiencing an increased amount of tension. Their primary worries around health care reform include the cost to future generations, the impact it will have on the federal deficit, how much out-of-pocket expenses are going to impact them, and the accessibility of quality health care coverage.

The survey also revealed that families and doctors are the most trusted sources of information about health care reform, that nearly 25 percent of Americans are taking fewer sick days at work, and that more than 90 percent of Americans like the health insurance they have now. However, about one-third of Americans do not take advantage of preventive health testing or screenings even when they are available through their current coverage.


1. Nine out of every ten Americans are perfectly happy with the healthcare system as it stands right now.

2. Most Americans are genuinely worried about how the grandiose plans projected by congressional Dems are going to be paid for, and they suspect that the answer is: By mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren.

3. The idea that “preventive health testing” will lower heathcare costs is absurd: Most people don’t have the time for constant checkups in their doctors’ offices.

4. Most Americans wish Congress would shut up and let them live with the healthcare insurance they currently like, rather than force them to endure months of stress and uncertainty over what a future healthcare regime might be like.

Something to think about as congressional Dems desperately try this weekend to ram through healthcare changes that most Americans don’t want.