We’ll be blogging through the weekend. But I want to start my Saturday, with a general question instead of commentary on events: Who wants this legislation?Ross Kaminsky, a derivatives trader, says that, if you answer this question, will tell you why this “reform” doesn’t deserve to pass, particularly in the way it is being foisted upon the public. It’s becoming very clear to me that our elected representatives care more about what their colleagues in Washington think than what we think. But they aren’t the only people who favor these “reforms.” Kaminsky notes:

Certain special interests, such as the AARP and trial lawyers, see current “reform” proposals as opening new profit opportunities for them. And lovers of big government have always salivated at the idea of politicians and bureaucrats controlling the biggest single sector of the US economy and the most important aspect of Americans’ lives, their health.  But when it comes to the public, the polls are clear: Current Democratic plans are becoming increasingly unpopular as they become better understood.


But the Democrats carry on without the public, which increasingly thinks well of the country’s current health-care system, a reflection that the Democrats in Congress are losing the public, if not each other. Kaminsky notes:

Democrats emphasize “universal coverage.” However fewer than one fifth of voters believe that should be the primary goal of health insurance reform.  The problem identified as the key issue by over 60% of those polled is cost.  But more than three times as many voters believe the Democrats’ current proposals will increase health care prices rather than contain them.  While the majority isn’t always right, it is clear they are correct here. For example, one of the largest insurers says that premiums for many Americans will more than double. For young, healthy adults, premiums are likely to triple.  The public is also realizing the shell game Democrats are playing by using 10 years of tax hikes to pay for 6 years of health care “reform”.


So how are we on the verge of having one of the worse systems imaginable foisted upon us? Well, it’s deal by deal among Democrats. Senator Harry Reid is making deals in his office that will bring us a complicated, costly, and less effective medical system.