Does the recent Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts translate into big government fatigue?

Senior policy analyst Nicole Kurokawa of the Independent Women’s Voice shares that the recent election of Republican Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate is change she can believe in. Brown was elected this past Tuesday to fill the seat of the late Senator Ted Kennedy – an election result that many observers note has thrown the Democrats for a loop and triggered much in-fighting.

Kurokawa observes that Brown’s election not only gives Republicans the chance to filibuster in the Senate, but it also throws passage of the Obama administration’s healthcare reform legislation into doubt.


“And I think the American people really are just tired of the expansive government takeover of healthcare, of the banking sector, [and] the out-of-control spending,” she comments. “I think people have just had it – so this is a very clear-cut message to Washington that you can’t keep doing this.”


 The election upset in the Bay State came on the eve of the one-year anniversary of Obama’s presidency. Kurokawa notes that Barack Obama is more unpopular after his first year in office than George W. Bush was after eight years in office. She adds that “people want change” just after one year of seeing Obama at work.