There has been an appalling amount of political horse trading–it might even be properly called bribery–during health care negotiations.  Yet as Michael Tanner details in this New York Post piece, the most recent union payoff may be the most outrageous:

Congressional Democrats received another $68 million from unions in 2008, and $21 million more so far this year. And that doesn’t count the value of “in kind” contributions like phone banks, poll volunteers and independent advertising.

Looks like the unions are getting their money’s worth — with a sweetheart deal worth billions….

Under an agreement negotiated by the Obama administration, congressional leaders, and union bosses behind closed doors, their policies will be exempt from the tax until 2018. Plans for state and local employees would also be exempted.

That’s right: if you have two workers doing identical jobs, earning the same wages, and receiving the same insurance plan, the one who doesn’t join the union gets hit with a 40% tax; the union worker doesn’t.

This union exemption guts the rationale for the so-called “Cadillac tax.” Economists and deficit hawks see this measure as one of the few cost-control provisions left in the bill. Its goal is not just to raise revenue, but to discourage the type of “gold plated” insurance plans that encourage over-utilization and drive up costs.

 Do you want to send a message to Washington that you’re tired of this kind of corruption?  If you live in Massachusetts you have that chance. Vote against the Democrat party machine by voting for Scott Brown this Tuesday.