What an amazing night!!


IWV is so proud of the role that we were able to play in the Massachusetts election, and we are so grateful for  your faith and generous support that made this possible.  You helped us both turn out the vote to create one of the greatest election upsets imaginable, as well as make it clear that opposition to the Reid/Pelosi health care legislation was critical to the outcome.


Think back. Just a few weeks ago, Martha Coakley was considered a shoo-in to be the next Massachusetts Senator. She led Scott Brown by 30 points among women, even when the general polls showed him still 9 pts behind. But today, Scott Brown won a blow-out victory, and the efforts you supported helped put him over the top. The most recent polls now have his support among women almost even — a testament to the power of the message you supported, particularly in the bluest of blue states.


IWV recognized weeks ago that this election could be very close, but that too many people in Massachusetts weren’t getting the message that this election was really a referendum on health care. Frankly, we expected some of the bigger players to promote the explicit message of the importance of this vote, but when it became apparent they weren’t, we decided it was up to us, and we couldn’t NOT do it. 


With your help, we were able to raise the funds to:


  • run a compelling health care radio ad that saturated Massachusetts right up to the election,
  • found two wonderful MA physicians who recorded their concerns and delivered them to the homes of voters, particularly Republican and Independent women, across the state, and
  • placed thousands of live calls educating carefully targeted voters about the stakes of this race — the future of their health care freedom — and encouraging them explicitly to get out and vote against big government health care by voting for Scott Brown. (Amazingly, as best we could tell, no other phones to GOTV (get out the vote) in those final days was either done by a woman’s group nor, even more remarkably, using a health care message. So, thanks to you, we did.)


It may not have been glamorous stuff, but since we’re about results, it was the most effective way to bringing the health care issue to the forefront, shrink the gender gap, and motivate turnout!


It worked. And, we at IWV thank you for supporting us in these efforts!


What’s Possible in Massachusetts Is Possible Anywhere.

This election in Massachusetts has shown us that anything is possible, both in the health care fight – which isn’t over yet – and in the upcoming 2010 elections.


This election is just the latest sign that there’s a revolution brewing in America. In recent months, across the country, hundreds of thousands of people who don’t typically have time to attend protests and write their Representatives have been doing just that. They have been desperate to send a message that Washington is out of control. They want politicians to know that people really do want change in Washington: they want less corruption and backroom deals; they want a responsible federal government that respects individual rights; they want an end to runaway government spending and empty promises.


And most of all they don’t want a trillion dollar take-over of our health care system.


The people of Massachusetts helped them send that message loud and clear.


Now Let’s Mobilize the Rest of the Country


This victory is just the beginning. We need to take this winning formula and reach out to people now and encourage them to stay involved in this fight all the way through the health care battle (which isn’t over) and all the way through the next Congressional election.


Won’t you help us continue to get this message out?


A contribution of $50, $100 or $250 (or more, if you are so inclined!) could help us continue our efforts and reach out to voters across the country. And if you like what we’re doing, please pass this on to your friends.


 We are moving in the right direction. With your help, we can make a difference.

Listen to the IWV's radio ads and recorded calls:

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