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With Democrats poised to enact something, opposing forces are in full battle gear.

  • “We’re trying to go gangbusters this week,” said Carrie Lukas of the conservative Independent Women’s Voice.
  • “We’re going to try to make Members profoundly uncomfortable if they were going to vote for it,” said Ryan Ellis of the Americans for Tax Reform.
  • “We’re trying to bring the energy level and engagement level of our activists back up to where it was last year,” said Phil Kerpen of Americans for Prosperity.
  • The Chamber of Commerce, a powerful opponent of the Democrats’ proposals, sent the President a letter asking him to drop the House and Senate bills in favor of “a fresh approach.”
  • “There’s really not a lot of time to reboot before elections,” said Brian Burgess of the Conservatives for Patients’ Rights.

 For more, see “Activists Step Up Health Care Fight” by Congress.org’s Ambreen Ali.