In anticipation of next week’s summit, the indispensable Grace Marie-Turner wrote a reminder on NRO about the real consequences of the Democrat’s proposed health care legislation (which the American people continue to overwhelmingly reject, with more than six in ten calling for Congress to start over completely).

Here are a few highlights of the problems she identifies with the current proposals:

*Health costs would continue to rise. The Congressional Budget Office says health-insurance premiums would continue their steady upward climb under the Reid bill. Families purchasing insurance in the individual market would see an increase of $2,100 in the year 2016, over and above increases they already would be facing as health-insurance premiums continued to rise at about twice the rate of general inflation….

*Federal health spending would increase. Chief Medicare actuary Rick Foster estimates that under the Senate bill, “Federal expenditures would increase by a net total of $279 billion” between 2010 and 2019.

*People would lose the coverage they have today. Steep cuts in Medicare Advantage would mean that at least one-third of seniors likely would lose their comprehensive Medicare Advantage coverage as their plans withdrew from the program, cut their benefits, or raised their premiums.

As for people with employer-sponsored insurance, the CBO says that 10 million of them could lose their current coverage. Independent studies by the Lewin Group foundthat a full “public plan” option would mean 83 million Americans could lose private coverage.

*Taxes would increase . . . on the middle class. The bills call for nearly $500 billion in new taxes, including taxes on insurance companies, Cadillac health plans, medical devices, and “the rich” — taxes that would hit the middle class and increase prices and health-insurance costs for consumers….

*Job creation would suffer: The new taxes on businesses and individuals would further retard job creation and the economic recovery, and the higher health costs would discourage small businesses — the engine of job creation — from hiring.

 That’s just a small sample of what she identifies. Read the whole thing to get a scope of what we are fighting against, and why this legislation must be stopped.