The Washington Examiner

By: Michael Barone

In today’s Wall Street Journal, pollster Kellyanne Conway (her maiden name, which I at first mistakenly used, is Fitzpatrick) and Independent Women’s Voice head Heather Higgins have an opinion article of the polls Conway’s firm conducted for IWV in the districts of 35 Democratic congressmen who may cast key votes on the Senate health care bill which the House Democratic leadership is trying to pass this week. The bottom line: Vote no. By approximately 2-1 margins, voters in these districts oppose the current legislation, oppose a mandate to buy health insurance, believe the government can’t afford the legislation and believe that health care legislation is distracting attention from more important issues.

Conway, it should be noted, is a Republican pollster, and those who wish to discount these numbers can use that as an excuse to do so. But the poll questions seem to be fairly stated, and the results are in line with what we have seen elsewhere. Democratic members from anything but solidly Democratic districts should know that they vote for the Senate bill at their political peril.

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