No organization in the country is more active in the fight against Obamacare.

We work tirelessly not only to highlight the consequences of the administration’s ill-conceived reform but to show that there are other, better ways to make the health care system work.

But we don't just talk–we take action.

Here are  some of the things we've done:

 IWV joined with other organizations to produce a hard-hitting television advertisement featuring Tracy Walsh, a breast cancer survivor. Tracy talked about the treatments that saved her life and how things might have been different under a a government-run health care system. The ad also highlighted the superior cancer survival rates in the United States, which are jeopardized by Obamacare.

IWV commissioned a survey in October that led to a better understanding of what women really think about the health care issue. The poll revealed that only 16 % believed that health care should be Congress’s top priority and that a majority (51 %) were unsatisfied with what they had read, seen or heard about the proposals then before Congress.

IWV conducted a targeted survey in 35 key U.S. Congressional Districts in March 2010, which registered how deeply opposed constituents were to the proposed health care legislation when one didn’t just talk about benefits but also asked about the full cost, both financial and personal, of the legislation. Those surveys were hand-delivered to House members, enjoyed tremendous earned media coverage, and House members who received the research digested and began using the results immediately.

  • In February, 2010 IWV ran radio commercials in key Districts against Members who had voted for the House- passed bill, urging the public to call their Representatives and encourage them to vote against another health care bill. The weekend of the House vote on the health care bill, IWV conceived, arranged, and hosted 10 hours of a new way of doing tele-town hall meetings, featuring 15 Republican Members, including Whip Eric Cantor, GOP Conference Vice Chair Cathy McMorris Rogers, and Republican Study Committee Chairman Tom Price, covering 23 crucial districts, reaching more than 150,000 voters and leaving phone messages for an additional 200,000+.

This is the kind of activism for which IWV has acquired a reputation—and the reason we believe that, with your help, we can turn the tide and get real reform of health care.


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