We have seen the future—and it is Massachusetts, and it doesn’t work.

“We continue to study Massachusetts’ health overhaul experiment as a harbinger of ObamaCare. And we continue to see serious problems ahead,” observes Grace-Marie Turner of the Galen Institute in a must-read piece on the disaster in the Bay State.

Turner has done an excellent job of breaking down the many ways in which the Massachusetts system shows “the near impossibility of containing costs in a system where incentives go in exactly the opposite direction.”

Turner notes:

On average, health insurance now costs $14,723 for a family of four in Massachusetts, compared to $13,027 nationally. That’s nearly 12 percent higher than the national average. Reform has not made insurance more affordable.

[S]ome small Massachusetts employers are dropping health insurance and sending their workers into the taxpayer-funded health insurance pool. They say they have no choice because of relentlessly rising costs. This spells trouble for taxpayers.