Even Politico says IWV is getting a reputation for making a difference.

IWV spotted Rep. Charles Djou of Hawai'i early and stepped in to play a decisive role in Djou’s upset victory right in President Obama's backyard.  IWV spent around $250,000 on ads during the May special election, when the political establishment was writing off Djou’s chances.  Until IWV entered the race, there were no third party ad campaigns from the center right in the state. IWV made the decision to enter the race after commissioning a poll to determine if we could be effective. Soon after IWV launched this ad and www.thecaseisclosed.com, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee exited the race.

According to this study from GEB International, IWV's ad helped draw support away from Mr. Case among Democrats, Republicans and Independents, resulting in his third place finish.

Among the highlights:

*Ed Case's support among Independent voters fell from 32 percent to 23 percent from April 20th to May 16th.  Among Republican voters, his support fell from 15 percent to eight percent, and among Democrats, his support fell from 40 percent to 29 percent.

*Among Independent women, support for Ed Case dropped from 33 percent to 16 percent by May 16th.

*Ed Case's support fell 10 points in the overall ballot.


Now, Hotline, Washington's highly-regarded campaign tout sheet, has Djou with an early lead in the general election:

Just two-and-a-half months after winning his special election in HI-01, a new poll from Rep. Charles Djou‘s (R) camp shows he starts the general election in a rather strong position. In the survey, Djou led state Senate Pres. Colleen Hanabusa (D) 50-42%.


What does this show? That a little money, spent wisely and early, can make a long term difference on issues and outcomes. IWV has been credited with turning the tide for Rep. Djou.

For more on IWV’s pivotal role in a win that surprised the experts, read “How the Case Was Closed” in the Hawai’i Free Press.