An article by Heather Higgins, president and CEO of IWV, and Drew Ryun, president of American Majority Action, was the top item on Red State over the weekend. They wrote about the stunning results of IWV’s poll of independent voters, conducted by Democratic pollster Douglas Schoen. Higgins and Ryun noted:

48% of Independents replied that even if they agreed with a candidate on everything else, if they disagree with them on[health care], they won’t vote for them.  Best of all, they DO disagree with ObamaCare and the gross overreach of government it mandates. But why are Republicans not making this more of an issue? They should be.  

Higgins and Ryun are right—this is not the time to go wobbly on ObamaCare. It was voted in over the raised voices of the majority of the public, and public acceptance has not increased. Our poll showed that health care is the number one concern of the independent voter.

You can help make sure that all incumbents and candidates know how important this is to us by urging them to sign IWV’s ObamaCare Repeal Pledge. But that isn't all. You also can drive home to candidates how serious we are by affixing your own signature to the People’s Promise. This promise makes it clear that you will not support any candidate who doesn’t sign the pledge—and this pledge includes not only working for repeal and replacement but agreeing to the intermediate steps (e.g., defunding ObamaCare) necessary.

IWV’s Charlotte Hays recently spoke to OneNewsNow about the Repeal Pledge:

“This is an unusual election. Voters are really, really angry," she observes. "But what we've got to do is get these pledges on record. In a way, this is getting politicians' promises in writing — and I think if we do this, it could have a great outcome.”

Hays admits while repealing ObamaCare will be tough with Obama still in the White House, a new Congress can derail its effects. "The main thing the Republicans — and don't forget those Democrats who voted against it — can do is make sure that we choke it; that it doesn't get any money," she states.

We have until November 2 to do this.

 As somebody said in another context, this is our moment.