Remember when Democrats were saying that they had to pass ObamaCare to save themselves from political catastrophe in November? Boy, did somebody get a wrong number!

Health care analyst Grace-Marie Turner notes:

Even Democrats are running from Obamacare, as President Obama acknowledged during his Friday news conference: “We’re in a political season where every candidate out there has their own district, their own makeup, their own plan, their own message.… That’s how political races work.”

The president has reneged on his promise to help Democrats who voted for the law by selling it to the American people. He gives only brief mentions to health-care reform in his own speeches, because every time he talks about it, his poll numbers fall further.

Why don’t Democrats want to brag? Surely, they’d like to tell us all the wonderful things we’ll get from their reform? Turner explains the stampede:

The problem is that the tsunami of changes the law commands are very real. Obamacare is the law of the land: the trillions of dollars in new spending for massive entitlement programs, the freedom-robbing mandate that individuals must purchase expensive government-approved health insurance, the crippling mandates and regulatory burdens on American businesses and the medical profession, the escalating spending and higher health costs, drastic cuts to the popular Medicare Advantage program, $500 billion in new taxes and fees that will suffocate innovation and force health costs to go higher . . .

Turner has a rundown of Democrats who are suddenly silent about their signature achievement.  She also has a good summary of the preliminary actions that the next Congress can take to undo the health care monstrosity.