IWV's pledge to repeal and replace ObamaCare has received high praise from an influential source. Rush Limbaugh devoted a significant block of time to praising IWV's pledge on the air. 

Please Sign at TheRepealPledge.com, and ask others to do the same!

You can stream this excerpt from the show by clicking on the play button:

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And here is an excerpt from the transcript:

Ladies and gentlemen, this must be repealed.  Obamacare must be repealed.  Now, the Republican Pledge says we're going to do that.  They mentioned repeal and replace.  But have you asked yourself, what is the real desire on the part of a lot of Republicans to really walk down that path and repeal this?  In the past we've gotten lip service.  "Oh, you want to repeal it?"  "Hell, yeah, we agree, yeah, yeah, we're going to repeal it."  But then, if you listen carefully, you'll hear them say, "Well, we actually can't.  Have you ever seen Social Security repealed?  Have you ever seen Medicare repealed?"  Republicans are telling us, ah, yeah, we want to repeal it, but it may be very tough to do, and they say we can't really do it 'til we get the White House back.  So is there a real impetus to repeal this or is it just lip service from the Republicans?  

Now, people at the Independent Women's Voice have put a website up called Repeal the Pledge, and it's a site that people can go to and sign an electronic petition.  There's no "donate" button on this site yet, so don't worry here, this is not a trick to separate you from your money.  These are just people who believe that the Republicans need to be held their feet to the fire.  Okay, you say you want to repeal it?  Sign the pledge.  Sign the politician.  You say you want to repeal health care, sign something, not some vague pledge.  Sign a specific petition that says you are going to repeal or make an effort to repeal health care, starting for good in 2013. … 

Now, a lot of people think, a pledge, petitions, who's going to do this?  These don't mean anything.  Internet petitions.  And, I know, there's some people that want to get traffic to their websites and so forth.  But nevertheless people involved here do care about this.  This health care reform really is — we said it before it was voted on — ball game, in terms of you nationalize one-sixth of the US economy, the amount of freedom that's lost, usurped, the massive growth of government to handle all this, the inefficiency with which it will be handled, the worsening delivery of health care itself.  This is a disaster.  The whole regime is a disaster.  But I'll find the link to this website if you want to go visit it, you might want to think about signing it.  It's a petition.  They're working hard at this site to get candidates to sign it as well, just to try to get some feet held to the fire on this rather than just a bunch of words.  "Yeah, yeah, we want to repeal it."