The Christian Science Monitor quotes Heather Higgins on how the ObamaCare Repeal Pledge works:

If Congress votes to repeal health-care reform, President Obama is sure to veto it, says Heather Higgins, president and CEO of Independent Women’s Voices, which along with American Majority Action launched a pledge drive last month for incumbents and challengers to promise to do “everything they can to make repeal a reality.” If full repeal fails, sponsors want to see a commitment to defund the reform, step by step. To date, 65 Republican incumbents and challengers have signed the pledge.

“My concern is not just a symbolic repeal pledge but to do what you can do to defund it, deauthorize it,” says Ms. Higgins. "The pledge gives them a mandate to say: This election was not just about people being unhappy about the economy, it is about severe unhappiness about what was done on heath care.”