"The Republicans won the election because they listened. The American people made it clear that repealing ObamaCare is a top issue. And, now, they have a mandate to do just that,” Drs. Alieta Eck, Cara Peggs, Joyce Lovett, Kathleen Hansen, and Leslie Schipper say in their new, post-midterm elections TV spot.

“What matters now,” the doctors say, “is whether they are serious about repeal.” We and the doctors know that President Obama will veto any repeal bill sent to him. The fight is just beginning and elected officials must be willing to defund and de-authorize the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, taking it apart piece by piece until it can be replaced with a health care system that leaves medical decisions to patients and their physicians.

“We voted for you for a reason. We’re counting on you. Fulfill the mandate we gave you,” the doctors urge. To see this impressive spot in its entirety, watch below or click here to watch the ad on Youtube.

To ensure that elected officials fulfill our mandate to overturn President Obama’s government take-over of the health care system, make sure your representatives sign the ObamaCare Repeal Pledge and visit Saving Our Health Care.org to learn how to take action (everything from activist training, pledges, updates on ObamaCare lawsuits, and much more). Remember, it’s important how they voted, but what’s most important now is what politicians do going forward!