“They passed it without even reading it. But now we’ve read it, and it’s worse than we thought,” say the female doctors who volunteered their time to make this impressive TV spot refuting the myth that physicians favor ObamaCare. These doctors are looking ahead to the coming fight to ensure that patients regain control of the medical decisions affecting their lives.

These physicians urge you to ask your candidates and representatives: “Have you signed the repeal pledge?” They know that the fight won’t be easy. It matters how our representatives voted in the past, but it matters more how they will vote in the future. IWV’s ObamaCare Repeal Pledge is the best way to ensure that they are willing to work not only for full repeal but also to take the intermediate steps (such as defunding the legislation) necessary to dismantle this damaging law piece by damaging piece. (To learn more about why the Repeal Pledge is so effective, click here.)

Please watch the spot, and please ask your legislators, “Have you signed the Repeal Pledge?”