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IWV: "Don't Fund ObamaCare in a Continuing Resolution"


Washington, DC  –  Independent Women’s Voice CEO Heather Higgins – anticipating Senate consideration of HR 3082, the House-passed Continuing Resolution which contains billions of dollars of funding for ObamaCare – today called on the Senate to respect the will of the American people as expressed in last month’s elections, and defeat the resolution.

“The American people in last month’s elections made clear their opposition to implementation of ObamaCare,” said Higgins. “Yet the Democrats who still control this Lame Duck Congress last week included billions of dollars to begin funding ObamaCare in the Continuing Resolution they moved through the House. That’s wrong, and Independent Women’s Voice calls on the Senate to reverse course and strip ObamaCare funding from this legislation before moving it to final passage.

“All over the country, ObamaCare was a major topic of conversation in campaigns for federal office,” Higgins continued. “At IWV, we developed the ObamaCare Repeal Pledge to help illuminate that conversation by making clear to voters which candidates were truly committed to repealing ObamaCare, and which were just mouthing the words. Moreover, IWV engaged in no fewer than 19 Independent Expenditure campaigns to illuminate the contrast even more deeply.

“We’re pleased to note that of the 29 House incumbents who took the IWV ObamaCare Repeal Pledge – a Pledge which includes, among other things, a promise to work to defund and deauthorize the individual component parts of ObamaCare – not a single one of them broke their promise during House consideration of the measure last week. They proved their integrity with their votes against funding ObamaCare, and we applaud them for it.

“Now the action turns to the Senate, and we call on those who support repeal of ObamaCare to join with those who believe elections matter to work together to defeat the measure, or at least to strip out the provisions which fund ObamaCare before moving it to final passage.

“It’s just not right for the Democrats who control the Lame Duck Congress to use their earlier failure to do their jobs to now sneak funding for ObamaCare into this last-minute catchall spending bill,” Higgins concluded. “The American people should be listened to.”