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Washington, D.C. – Independent Women’s Voice CEO Heather Higgins – responding to Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s declaration yesterday that he would move to the Senate floor HR 2, the House-passed bill fully repealing ObamaCare – today praised McConnell for his determination, and pledged IWV’s continued help.

“Repealing ObamaCare before it takes root is necessary to prevent bureaucrats from intruding between doctors and their patients,” said Higgins. “Senator McConnell’s declaration yesterday that he would bring legislation repealing ObamaCare to the floor of the Senate is a step forward in the battle to allow Americans to control their own healthcare decisions, without politicians intruding.

“This bill is bad on any number of fronts,” continued Higgins, “not least of which is the fact that it contains a $336 billion bailout of the insurance industry over the next decade. That’s taxpayer money going straight to insurance companies – who will, no doubt, reward with campaign contributions those politicians who voted to send the taxpayer dollars their way.

“Before this bad law has even been fully implemented, we see hundreds of politically-connected entities asking for, and being granted, waivers,” said IWV policy analyst Hadley Heath. “Insurance companies, unions, and other supporters of the law are being allowed to escape its rules and regulations and mandates, while leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves. That’s just wrong – waivers should be available to anyone who asks for one, or be available to none.

“Americans deserve the right to control their own healthcare, and at IWV we’re working hard – through our ObamaCare Repeal Coalition, our Web site, and our Web site – to ensure that they regain that right before it’s too late,” concluded Heath.

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