Washington, D.C. — One year has passed since the laughably named Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — better known as ObamaCare — was forced through Congress and signed by President Obama.  During the "celebration" of the law's one-year anniversary, the Left will be praising ObamaCare for all of the "good things" it does for different groups of Americans: for seniors, businesses, women and young people.

While the Left is focusing on this fictional case for their government take-over of private health care decisions, Independent Women's Voice's (IWV) SavingOurHealthCare.org will be highlighting the truth, giving the full story, and rebuffing the Left's pro-ObamaCare arguments.


"We're exposing the myths the Left has constructed around ObamaCare," said IWV policy analyst Hadley Heath.  "They have constructed a fictional narrative, a fantastical fantasy world that doesn't correspond in the slightest to reality."


"In reality, seniors, business, women and young people will be deeply harmed under ObamaCare.  At SavingOurHealthCare.org/NewsRoom, we take the Left's claims and expose the truth about ObamaCare, providing links to more information and details on where to find the experts on the detrimental impact this law will have."


"We're also highlighting some of the truths the Left conveniently doesn't mention about ObamaCare: How it will raise taxes, spending and the debt; how it will skyrocket premiums; how it will lead to rationing of care; and, how it limits freedom and individual choice."


"As the American people continue to learn the unvarnished truth about ObamaCare, as we have laid it out at SavingOurHealthCare.org/NewsRoom, it's no wonder that the groundswell for complete repeal of this monstrosity continues to grow."