Washington, D.C. — Independent Women's Voice President and CEO Heather Higgins today expressed thanks and gratitude to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann for becoming the 50th member of Congress to add her name to the ObamaCare Repeal Pledge.


"In her time in the House, Congresswoman Bachmann has distinguished herself as a leading advocate for healthcare freedom and against the unconstitutional atrocity known as ObamaCare," said Higgins.  "She understands the harm that will be visited on our healthcare system and on our personal liberty by this law."


"As we mark the 1-year anniversary of ObamaCare, we are deeply thankful to Congresswoman Bachmann for putting her name down on The Repeal Pledge, along with the 49 other members of Congress who have already signed.  Like them, she is committed to doing all that is necessary to defund, deauthorize and repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – ObamaCare."


A full list of Repeal Pledge signers can be viewed online at www.TheRepealPledge.com


"IWV's Repeal Pledge is different form other pledges as it commits the signers to not only voting for repeal, but also taking all necessary steps to slow and stop the implementation of this harmful, unconstitutional and vastly unpopular health care law," continued Higgins.


"We looking forward to working with Congresswoman Bachmann and the rest of the Repeal Pledge coalition as the fight to repeal ObamaCare and bring choice and freedom to our health care decisions marches on."


TheRepealPledge.com is a project of Independent Women's Voice.  The Repeal Pledge has now been signed by 50 members of Congress, 18 supporting organizations and nearly 120,000 American citizens.  IWV also co-chairs the ObamaCare Repeal Coalition, a working group of members of Congress, legislative staff and outside organizations committed to defunding, deauthorizing and, ultimately, full repeal of ObamaCare.