Washington, D.C. — The public has voted in the Independent Women's Voice (IWV) Real March Madness bracket to determine which element of ObamaCare is truly the worst and deserving of the dubious title of "Real March Madness Champion" has been narrowed to the "Sorry Sixteen."

The results from the first two rounds can be found at http://realmarchmadness.org/results.php.

"It really is a sorry group," said IWV Policy Analyst Hadley Heath.  "Now it's time to vote to determine which of these 16 most damaging elements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care act are the most egregious and are deserving of a berth in the 'Egregious Eight.'"

The bracket where you can vote for the "Egregious Eight" can be found at http://www.RealMarchMadness.org.

"As the contestants are narrowed down, the choices become really tough," added Heath.  "We need people to cast their votes today to determine which of these harmful and dangerous provisions of ObamaCare deserve to compete in the 'Fatal Four' for the right to be named the worst element of this legislative monstrosity.  We hope that people who play the game and find it fun and educational will forward the link to their friends and help us spread the word about the many harmful and maddening effects of this law."

"Visit www.RealMarchMadness.org and vote today!"