Dr. Krieger couldn't be more right in his fears for our medical care and the inhibitions created by government bureaucrats ultimately controlling what is approved and paid for.

One example is already manifest: In 2009 we had no problem finding doctors who were willing to help us make recorded calls and advertisements in which they spoke out against the great harms to medical care that the then-proposed legislation entailed.

But in 2010, when we went to find physicians who would speak publicly, it was vastly harder. Their views hadn't changed—they were more convinced than ever. But by then, in anticipation of the implementation of ObamaCare, many had joined large hospitals and huge practices. The administrators, with almost perfect unanimity, put the kibosh on speaking out, for fear, we were told, of political retribution in the form of Medicaid audits. In Missouri alone, for example, we talked to over 35 doctors who wanted to speak out but were told they couldn't.

When government bureaucrats are the paymasters, it is not just what they do that matters, it is fear of what they might do that is even more insidious.

Heather R. Higgins
President and CEO
Independent Women's Voice