Washington, D.C. — The field of the 64 worst parts of ObamaCare in the Independent Women's Voice (IWV) Real March Madness bracket has now been narrowed down to the "Fatal Four" — the four parts of the law determined by your votes to be the worst and most damaging parts of ObamaCare.


The "Fatal Four" are: ObamaCare authorizing public funding for abortion; waivers for politically connected unions and corporations; the complete absence of tort reform in the legislation; and, the unconstitutional individual mandate for every American citizen to purchase health insurance.


Results from the previous rounds can be found at http://www.realmarchmadness.org/results.php.


"The Fatal Four really is a rogues' gallery among a host of unsavory parts of this legislative monstrosity," said IWV Policy Analyst Hadley Heath.  "Now, we need voters to make their picks for the Terrible Two and our so-called champion — the single worst part of ObamaCare."


Go to http://www.RealMarchMadness.org to make your bracket picks for the Terrible Two and the ObamaCare Real March Madness Winner.


"We know this isn't easy," noted Heath.  "There's no cinderella to cheer for.  All four of these elements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act do great damage to our healthcare system and to individual liberty.  No matter what part of ObamaCare is named the winner of our bracket, the real loser is the American people."


"We hope through playing this bracket that people have learned something new about the menace of ObamaCare and the need to see that this unconstitutional government take-over of our private healthcare decisions is defunded, deauthorized and, ultimately, repealed."


"Cast your votes at www.RealMarchMadness.org today!"