Washington, D.C. — While sports fans across this country are glued to the TV for the tip-off of March Madness and the annual NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, Independent Women's Voice (IWV) is marking the 1st anniversary of the "Real March Madness."


In conjunction with the one-year anniversary of President Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — better know as ObamaCare — IWV has released a tournament bracket to determine which element of ObamaCare is truly the worst and deserving of the dubious title of "Real March Madness Champion."


The bracket can be found at http://www.RealMarchMadness.org.


"We know the damaging effects ObamaCare is going to have: increased taxes, loss of jobs, increased government spending, deterioration in the quality of medical care available, just to name a few," noted IWV Policy Analyst Hadley Heath.  "We know it'll insert government bureaucrats into what should be private medical decisions between doctors and patients.  And, we know ObamaCare is deeply harmful to basic concept of personal liberty."


But which one of these nefarious elements is worst?  That will be determined by the Real March Madness bracket.


"Players will pick between 'contestants' in four regions that represent the areas under attack by ObamaCare — Families & Individuals; Taxpayers & Businesses; Doctors, Patients & Health Care; and, State Sovereignty & Freedom — to determine which elements of ObamaCare make the Sorry Sixteen, the Egregious Eight, the Fatal Four, and the ultimate champion," continued Heath.


"What's the worst element of ObamaCare?  The $1 trillion price tag?  Taxes on charitable hospitals?  Doctors fleeing the profession?  Go to www.RealMarchMadness.org today and fill out your bracket to see who makes your Final Four."