From 64 contenders, one champion has emerged with the right to be called the single worst part of ObamaCare.

Thanks to your votes in the Independent Women's Voice Real March Madness bracket game at, the Individual Mandate has been determined to be the worst and most harmful part of ObamaCare.

It has been quite a run for the Individual Mandate. Not only is it manifestly unconstitutional, your votes in the Real March Madness bracket game have bestowed upon it the terrible title of the single worst part of this nightmare health care law.

This isn't to diminish horrifying qualities of the other competitors. The other three 'Fatal Four' contestants — public funding for abortion, waivers for politically connected unions and corporations, and the absence of sensible tort reform — as well as the 60 other competitors are all dangerous and damaging components to the unconstitutional and comically named Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  They all underscore the need to defund, deauthorize and, as soon as possible, repeal this monstrosity.

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Results from all rounds of the bracket game can be found at

We hope that everyone who participated learned something new about the litany of provisions of ObamaCare that will do untold harm to individual liberty and the quality of our health care system.

Thank you to everyone who played the Real March Madness bracket game.