Liberal Congressman Anthony Weiner, one of ObamaCare’s biggest supporters, recently said he is looking at ways for New York City, where he may soon run for Mayor, to apply for a waiver from provisions of the law.

To that we have one thing to say: If Weiner Wants A Waiver, We Want A Waiver!

So far Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has given five entire states and 1,169 businesses waivers that exempt them from provisions of ObamaCare that impose harm. Quite ironically, Sec. Sebelius’ and Rep. Weiner’s allies who helped shove the law down our throats are now requesting, and disproportionately receiving, waivers from the law.

While union employees only make up 11.9% of American workers, 45.55% of workers benefiting from waivers are unionized, almost four times their share of the workforce! The same unions receiving waivers have also happened to provide over $120 million in political support on behalf of Democratic candidates between 2008-2010. We’re sure there’s no relationship at all between these two facts.

If those who championed the passage of ObamaCare are now receiving waivers from it, shouldn’t those who opposed the law be guaranteed waivers from it? We think so.

Today we’re joining a broad coalition of groups in where you can email the Obama Administration and demand that you receive a waiver from the provisions of ObamaCare that harm you.

Go to and demand YOUR waiver today!